Our company is engaged in top-level innovation of the highest European quality. Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS has twice received support from the European Union Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020 in order to elaborate the technology for recycling artificial turf called Arena Concept and the prototypes of the machines needed for it. We are the only company in the small- and medium-sized category who has been successful in both stages of the support measures of Horizon 2020.

With the support of the Horizon 2020 project we have elaborated unique machines for removing old turf, separating infill from the artificial turf carpet, and drying and sieving infills. We can do all of this right on the football field or in the immediate vicinity.

With the help of our machines we can also replace the artificial turf quickly and maintain it in difficult conditions, such as on arena-type football pitches, which have one narrow access and are surrounded by spectator stands, and heated fields, where there is a big risk of damaging the heating cables installed underground. Compared to our competitors, we remove the old turf four times quicker and complete the installation of the new covering in a maximum of ten hours, while we recover 100% of the infill. In most cases the entire replacement process takes 7 days.