About us

Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS is one of the pioneering companies in Europe specialising in the installation and maintenance of artificial turf. The company, founded in 1992, is based 100% on Estonian capital.

  • In 28 years we have built over 1300 football fields in EU.
  • We install around million square metres of artificial turf annually.
  • Our goal is to reach the benchmark of 4.5 million square metres.
  • We have twice received innovation support from the European Union Programme Horizon 2020.
  • We are the winner of the Estonian Business Award for the Environment 2017 for outstanding contribution to sustainable development, innovation and circular economy.
  • In 2019 we were recognised with the gold quality level of Responsible Business, given to companies who value sustainable growth and contribute strategically to the development of social and natural environment.
  • All our recycling operations are measured by Carbon Footprint, officially confirmed by Technical Research Centre of Finland and based on ISO 14044 Life Cycle Assessment methodology.

In 2018 we won main prize in the competition Environment-Friendly Enterprise of the Year in Estonia for developing the world’s unique ARENA Concept, an innovative zero-waste method for reusing artificial turf on site in just 7 days.  We also received the most e-ballots during public voting in its category.

We are member of German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce and the European Synthetic Turf Organisation (ESTC)the largest organization of the synthetic turf industry in Europe, representing the majority of the companies from the industry.