Quality of artificial turf

Artificial turf looks like natural turf consisting of artificial turf blades; however, a high-quality artificial turf fields normally consists of five layers. The first layer is a base, for which crushed stone is mostly used. This is followed by a shock pad made from special material, the function of which is to give elasticity to the field. Artificial turf is rolled on top of this, and between fibres infill is sprayed in two layers: first sand, and then rubber crumbs. All of this ensures that the playing characteristics of the artificial turf resemble the characteristics of natural turf as much as possible, and that it is elastic enough to avoid injuries when the player falls.

We cooperate with the leading manufacturers of artificial turf in the world, from whose product ranges we choose the best turf for installing 5G artificial turf pitches according to the individual requirements and wishes of every client. The new artificial turf meets the requirements of the highest category of FIFA, namely the Quality Pro (formerly two-star quality) certificate, which after post-installation certification permits any international football matches to be hosted on this pitch.