Health aspects of artificial turf

There are a number of myths about artificial turf fields that claim they are more hazardous to the health of players than fields covered with natural turf. In general, these are not true.

According to some surveys, artificial turf causes more injuries than natural turf. This might be a problem on those fields where no soft pad has been installed under the layer of the artificial turf. A high-quality flexible layer with sufficient thickness and regularly added infill between the turf fibres ensures that the artificial turf does not cause more concussion injuries than normal turf.

Older artificial turf coverings might have caused football players more abrasion injuries than natural turf, because many sliding movements are made while playing football and a football kit does not fully cover the hands and legs. This problem was solved with the third-generation artificial turf coverings, in which polyethylene fibres are used.

In summer, an artificial turf may get warmer than natural turf, but to avoid this the field can be sprayed with water before training or the match.

Very often, rubber from old tyres is used as an infill in artificial turf, the health and environment safety of which has been questioned in some surveys due to the fact that the rubber crumb contains heavy metals. As an infill for 5G artificial turf fields, we use green plastic granules with rubber additive, which are absolutely safe.