Generations of artificial turf

Artificial turf carpets have experienced enormous development over the last 50 years. The playing characteristics and flexibility of artificial turf fields have changed beyond recognition.

Artificial turf was used for the first time in the 1960s on the Astrodome pitch in the USA. The first-generation artificial turf used in the past was practically a green carpet without infill.

With the second generation introduced in the 1980s, the turf fibres became 3 cm longer and sand infill was added between the fibres. In 1990 the third generation reached the market, which meant twice longer turf fibres and in addition to sand, rubber infill was also introduced. The third generation is predominantly used even today. 

In the beginning of the new century, the development of the fourth generation (4G) was started, which meant fibres with two different lengths and omitting infill.

Last year, we introduced the fifth-generation artificial turf field, which is actually the third-generation (3G) artificial turf offered on the terms of a lease agreement. To our knowledge, we are the only ones to offer 5G artificial turf fields in Europe.