FIFA quality system

There are two categories of certificates that can be requested from the International Football Association (FIFA): FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro. FIFA Quality Pro (formerly the 2-star certificate) is primarily meant for top-level football teams, and it permits any international matches to be hosted. FIFA Quality (formerly the 1-star certificate) is suitable for hobby sport and football leagues of lower ranks, such as for football fields of cities and local authorities.

FIFA certification involves several stages. Firstly, the artificial turf manufacturer develops turf covering, for which they request a certificate of the required category from the laboratory acknowledged by FIFA. Advanced Sports Installations Europe sells new artificial turf coverings which have already been certified.

After installation of the artificial turf field, it is thoroughly tested on site. The test procedure consists of 13 tests performed all over the field. These tests include, for example, bouncing of the ball, rolling, and impact absorption when the ball strikes the surface.

As the turf will be tested regularly to prolong the certificate (in the case of FIFA Quality Pro, once a year), in order to preserve the quality of the field, proper maintenance has to be ensured.

For more information about requesting certificates, see the FIFA homepage; testing guidelines are available here.