Utilisation of the turf

Replacing artificial turf installed on football fields generates 600 000 tonnes of mixed waste consisting of rubber, sand, and plastic each year in the European Union. By 2030 this volume of waste will increase, leading to over 3 million tonnes, of which the majority would never degrade in nature.

The monthly rental payment for 5G artificial turf fields also includes costly subsequent utilisation of the turf. From the point of view of preserving nature, it must be done following all environmental requirements, as removal of the old full-sized football fields generates 250–300 tonnes of different materials.

As a socially responsible company, we place strong emphasis on preserving nature. The technology we have elaborated enables us to separate different components of the removed artificial turf so that it can be re-used on training fields and school grounds, thereby avoiding the generation of millions of tonnes of mixed waste every year.

Given the modern maintenance technology of artificial turf, we can reuse most of the recyclable artificial turf. Our solution is less costly and is also significantly more sustainable compared to other operators. Materials which cannot be recycled are taken to the recycling points according to the environmental requirements stipulated by the European Union, and the relevant certificate is issued to the field owner.