Customer reviews


“SIS Pitches worked with co-operation partner Advanced Sports Installations Europe (ASIE) in order to resurface the playing field at Allianz Park, home to Saracens Rugby Club.

Work undertaken on the 9,262-m2 pitch involved removing the existing surface, including both turf and infill. It was critical to remove this field whilst the turf was still in full-size rolls, in order for ease of subsequent reinstallation at an alternative location.

The work was required to be completed in less than 2 days, and, as such, prompt and efficient service was required. In addition, it was vital that there be no disruption or damage caused to the shockpad, dynamic base, and surrounding running track.

ASIE was able to complete the project swiftly and to a high standard, with their ability to remove full-sized turf rolls, including infill, setting them apart from their competitors. I would have no hesitation in recommending ASIE to any organization for similar projects.”

Luke Edwards, Sports System Development Manager of SIS Group Ltd. – the main contractor of Allianz Park




“Advanced Sports Installations Europe (ASIE) installed a new artificial turf field for Savio School in South Finland (Kerava). The work included doing the groundworks and installing new turf, fences, and the lights around the field.

It was a pleasure to work with ASIE. They are professional and reliable – there was no extra work or price “surprises” during the process, they put a strong focus on the quality of their work, they stuck to the time schedule and within budget, and the work was done quickly. I would definitely recommend them and would not have any hesitation in employing them for our future projects.”

Markus Lahtinen, Hyvinkään Tieluiska OY (the main contractor of Savio School project)



“ASIE was our subcontractor when renewing the artificial turf of the Farum Park (9240 m2) football stadium located in Farum, Denmark. Their work included removal of the existing turf in 4-metre rolls and installing the sand and infill into the new turf. What made the project difficult was that there was a heating mat under the turf, and therefore the removal had to be done without cutting the rolls, in order to not to damage the heating cables. In addition, each roll weighed up to 10 tonnes, because there was still sand and infill in the turf.

ASIE completed both of these tasks successfully. Their team is very professional and it was easy to see that they have years of experience in this field. They also have an excellent machine park. All in all, ASIE was an excellent choice for us as a partner, and I would strongly recommend them to other potential clients.”

Christian Starling, project manager of Unisport (the main contractor of Farum Park project).