Carbon Neutral project in Estonia

“Project is under construction and will be ready in June 2020”

ASI Europe is happy to be a partner of the Football Club Welco in building a unique project in Tartu (Estonia).

5G Sports Arena is a unique sports facility combining green thinking and innovative technological solutions – namely, the stadium is to be the world’s first zero-waste-zero-carbon football stadium! The stadium aims to minimise and compensate its carbon footprint for the building as well as the operating period. Together with partners, the owner of the stadium – Tartu JK Welco – is taking extra effort to ensure that all the generated waste is firstly minimised, and then recycled.

The principle of CO2 neutrality has already been considered in the construction of the stadium – all the CO2 generated during the entire construction process and the production of used materials is compensated by planting new forest. In addition, the architecture of the building is based on the principles of circular economy. Lightweight structures and modular solutions make it easy to move the entire stadium building if this should be necessary. The majority of structural and finishing materials used for the stadium building are wood-based in order to maximise the CO2-reduction and carbon capture effect. When constructing the synthetic turf fields, the conditions of the 5G standard are monitored, and nature is protected to the extent possible.

The lighting of the field is based on the concept of a stadium with a unique autonomous electrical system: namely, solar panels are stationed on the roof of the building, which, during the day, accumulate the created electrical energy into stationary batteries, which in turn provide energy for lighting in the evening. This kind of unique pilot project will enable the field lighting to be provided by local renewable energy and will be a suitable solution for thousands of football fields around the world. In the second phase of the project, it is planned to also connect the club’s car fleet and possibly also public transport vehicles and light traffic vehicles to the electrical system – also with the aim of minimising the CO2 footprint created due to the transportation of spectators and footballers visiting the stadium.

The owner of the 5G Sports Arena, Tartu JK Welco, plans to put extra effort into minimising all the generated waste during the operation period. This includes organising training for the club members and youth players in order help reduce their personal impact and footprint. The club has also developed a unique “urban organic agriculture” solution with local restaurants. Partner restaurants will grow vegetables and other crops in the designated farmland on the stadium territory and use the products in their dishes. The restaurants will also be able to compost their biodegradable waste, thus creating a unique closed loop of food production without generating any waste streams.

“When you dream big and want to fulfil it, which is the case with our club, success also often depends on your partners. The project would not be possible to execute with only the 5G rental concept; all maintenance and recycling is left for the professionals, which Advanced Sports Installations Europe has proven to be. As we have decided that our new home arena will be an environmentally friendly stadium, the criteria that 5G has set support our principles of constructing  a sustainable and waste free stadium” says JK Welco chairman Mart Raamat, who highlights that “in the end, we want to develop our club and players, and the football field is important part of it. If the field meets the highest quality and our partner is taking care of it, we save on so much time and effort!”.