About artificial turf

Modern artificial turf installed on a football pitch provides playing characteristics comparable to the characteristics of natural turf. According to the International Football Association (FIFA), today artificial turf is the best alternative to ground covered with natural grass. The benefits of artificial turf pitches include better resistance to weather conditions and frequent use, the possibility to play all year round, and simpler maintenance compared to natural turf.

Artificial turf was used for the first time in the 1960s on the Astrodome pitch in the USA. European football clubs began installing artificial turf pitches in the 1980s. Although after this natural turf pitches were still preferred for some time, today the development of technology has advanced so far that all international football matches may be hosted on certified artificial turf pitches. For example, the final game of the 2008 European Championship between England and Russia was held on an artificial turf pitch, and all the games of the 2015 Women’s Football World Championship were held on artificial turf.