The replacement process of the 5G artificial turf pitch is quick – in most cases the pitch is ready for football in 7 days. We have the capacity to replace the pitch covering this quickly thanks to four absolutely unique machines that we managed to design with the support of the European Union Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020. With the help of these machines, we can replace the artificial turf quickly and also maintain it in difficult conditions, such as on arena-type football pitches, which have one narrow access and are surrounded by spectator stands, and heated pitches, where there is a big risk of damaging the heating cables installed underground.

As the entire replacement is performed locally on the football pitch, the volume of CO2 emitted in the air is 70% less when compared to our competitors. We remove the old turf four times quicker and complete the installation of the new covering two times faster, whereas we recover 100% of the infill.

First, the old artificial turf is rolled up. This takes a maximum of one day. The rolls of the pitch covering are 4 metres wide and they weigh up to 10 tonnes. The pressure of our machines implied on the pitch is minimal, eliminating the risk of damaging the sub-layer or heating system installed under the pitch.


After this, the rolls of the old artificial turf are taken to the storage facility. Transportation cost is included in the price of the 5G Sport service. It is possible to store all rolls of the old pitch covering recovered from the football pitch in a small area – to store 30 big rolls only 250 m2 is needed. It is a technically simple matter to send the pitch covering for recycling in big rolls.


The old, rolled-up pitch covering can be installed on the training pitch or football pitch of a school, for example. Re-installation of the used artificial turf causes minimal material loss and the borders of the pitch will be perfect. If needed, we use new line marking material on the pitch.



We have designed an Arena Master mobile machine, which makes it possible to recover 100% of the infill from the football pitch. Arena Master dries the infill right on the football pitch, is equipped with special HEPA filters to remove dust, and separates sand and rubber particles.


Reprocessing of the infill of one pitch takes 3 days. Thus, it is possible to re-use the infill on the same pitch and the pitch owner does not need to buy new rubber or sand infill.




The pitch is provided with a new artificial turf carpet and new lines are glued on the pitch. After this, an even layer of dried and thoroughly cleaned sand and rubber infill is added.




Football players can start using the new pitch as soon as 7 days after replacement of the pitch covering was started. This is the shortest possible break in usage of the pitch that is inevitably caused by installing a new artificial turf.




Precise removal enables the reuse of the turf and infill materials and avoids ordering unnecessary materials. Take a look!