Case study – Haapsalu 5G field

The first 5G leasing concept field was built in Haapsalu, Estonia, meaning maintenance and end-of-life recycling became the operator’s responsibility



Why use Green Public Procurement and lease an artificial turf field?

The Estonian company Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS, which for 27 years has constructed football fields all over Europe, has built a new artificial turf football field for Haapsalu City Stadium on the principle of an operating lease.

According to Tarmo Tuisk, the director of the company Haapsalu Linna Spordibaaside OÜ, the football field constructed in 2008 was outdated and in dire need of renovation. ‘We decided that instead of buying an expensive artificial turf covering with infill, we would lease it. We found that building an artificial turf field and financing it from running costs is an easier process for us. Since the entire renovation process was important to us, we carried out Green Public Procurement to ensure that the winner of the procurement would handle all old materials in an environmentally friendly way and that the new field would comply with the highest quality standards. To us it was important to have an operator who is experienced and who has the technology and a real action plan to handle the used materials,’ says Tuisk. ‘The procurement to renovate the field was won by Advanced Sports Installations Europe, declared as the 2017 Environment-Friendly Enterprise of the Year, who removed the old artificial turf from the 5265 square metre field and installed a new covering. The procurement terms included a requirement that the old artificial turf must be recycled in a waste-free manner or prepared for reuse within two years. We are very happy with the new field. A regular procurement process would certainly not have given us the quality service that we got with Green Public Procurement.’

Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS (ASIE) is the only known company in Europe that offers artificial turf sports fields on the principle of operating leases.

According to the owner of the company Raul Lättemägi, the next generation 5G field was made available to Haapsalu’s footballers on the basis of a lease, similar to operating leases that are widely used for purchasing vehicles or expensive equipment. ‘This releases a football club or local authority from the need to pay a sizeable amount of money for the new field and take responsibility for maintaining it,’ explains Lättemägi. ‘Monthly lease payments are evenly distributed throughout the whole contract period and they also include regular maintenance of the field with modern technology. In addition, the monthly payment includes later utilisation of the turf, which is not cheap at all – in the case of a full size football field, 250–300 tonnes of various materials have to be recycled.’