• The rental option eliminates the need for any investment. While the installation of artificial turf typically requires a huge one-off investment, the cost of 5G artificial turf fields (which also includes maintenance) is divided into equal monthly instalments.
  • The first instalment for the field is zero euros. The duration of the rental period is normally 60 months but could be longer if needed; The client can terminate it prematurely without any penalties or additional fees being levied. An application for leasing the field is handled within two working days.
  • 5G releases the club from any obligation to maintain their football field. The monthly lease payments include the cost of regular maintenance of the field by using modern equipment, which prolongs the field´s usage time. Maintenance includes removing leaves, and debris, brushing turf fibres, adding rubber infills, and repairing damaged areas of the artificial turf, if required.
  • The monthly payments include the later, more expensive utilisation of the turf. In the case of a full-sized football field, 250-300 tons of various materials must be recycled. This means significant costs for the field´s owner.
  • We will find a suitable individual, flexible solution for each football club. We install premium class artificial turf on full-sized football fields but also on smaller training fields for clubs, schools, and nursery schools.
  • We install high quality artificial turf which will fulfil all requirements. We cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers of artificial turf, selecting the best turf from their product ranges to install according to the individual requirements and wishes of every client. The new artificial turf meets the requirements of the highest category of International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), namely the Quality Pro (formerly two-star quality) certificate which, after post-installation certification has been concluded, permits any international football matches to be hosted on this field.
  • When it comes to building 5G artificial turf field, little-used artificial turf types may also be used. This means that the rental price is lower and high-quality football fields are also affordable for the smaller clubs, schools, and ordinary football fans. A little-used artificial turf meets all of the health and safety requirements and is absolutely safe for the players.
  • The monthly payment for 5G also includes the replacement of the turf in five or six years’ time. Artificial turf is often replaced every decade, but very often after the fifth year of use the artificial surface fails to meet the requirements stipulated by FIFA, or health and safety legislation, and can even pose a hazard to the players.
  • The monthly payments for 5G become more favourable after the fifth year. In addition, turf fibres will be replaced. The soft pad (shock pad) and infill material are cleaned and reused and therefore the monthly payments can be reduced.
  • On average we can renovate the field in seven days. When comparing us to our competitors, we can remove the old turf four times more quickly and complete the installation of the new covering two times faster, and what’s more we recover 100% of the infill.


Did you know that even after 5 years of use, your artificial turf is a highly valuable, reusable asset? Depending on its usage intensity and age, the turf can be removed, relocated and reinstalled as an excellent quality professional training field, or even a public field or a school’s football field, saving you a lot of money. Take a look!