5G artificial turf field

5G artificial turf field is a concept for building or renovating an artificial turf football field. Local authorities or football clubs can lease the football field using an operating lease, similarly for obtaining vehicles and other expensive equipment. 5G releases a football club or local authority from the need to pay a sizeable amount of money for the new field and take responsibility for maintaining and recycling it.

The monthly lease payments are evenly distributed over the entire lease period and the first instalment could be 0 euros. The lease payments include the cost of regular maintenance of the field using modern equipment, such as removing tree leaves, and debris, brushing turf fibres, adding rubber infill, and repairing damaged areas of the artificial turf, if needed. In addition, the monthly payment includes subsequent recycling of the turf, which is not cheap at all – in the case of a full-size football field 250-300 tonnes of various materials have to be recycled.